Our Scheduled Network Server and Data Backup Solutions Minimize Potential Data Loss
Scheduled network server and data backup solutions
minimize potential data loss.
Server and workstation backup solutions ensure that your backup hardware can completely restore your critical data.

What were your key considerations when you developed your backup and restoration policy? Implementing the correct data backup solution requires a well-defined process as well as selecting the proper equipment. The critical data required for back up must be identified before considering the appropriate capacity and speed for the backup unit. The correct agents and rights must be implemented for your system to gather the data from other servers.  Significant testing, including a full restore of systems must be performed on a scheduled basis in order to verify the backup process.

The means by which your company stores and archives backups, is as important as the devices and software by which it backs up data.  Should an event occur which precludes you from gaining access to your servers; your backup tapes should be available off site.  A method for obtaining the media and restoring them to an alternate site must be incorporated and fully documented.

In the event the team member originally in charge of the tapes is unavailable for their retrieval, designating alternate staff members with authority to access to those tapes is critical.  The process by which your company cycles tapes is also crucial.  Tapes wear out and eventually fail.  Your business must conduct regular tests to verify that critical data can be retrieved and restored.  Frequently core data changes location and/or name; this requires regular updates of the backup definition to ensure accuracy.

Complete Systems Design has the experience and the project management skills required to completely plan, implement and manage your backup process as well as restore critical data.  CSD will streamline the process, minimize potential data loss and ensure that normal business activities resume quickly.  Rest assured our systems consultants will make sure your data is reliably and securely being backed up for protection and easy retrieval when you need it.  We support a number of backup solutions for offsite storage including Symantec Backup Exec using LTO5, LTO6 and LTO7 devices.

A reliable, high speed, high capacity backup system is essential for every company that relies heavily on data to compete in today’s economy. Complete Systems Design's storage solutions team has installed backup solutions for large and small companies, tailoring the solution to meet each company’s backup needs for today, while anticipating tomorrow’s growth. Properly designed archiving solutions and data backup solutions protect you from potential disasters and allow for easy restores of archived data. CSD's disaster recovery services can help when your resources are stretched.

There is no longer a need for tape changes, cleaning tapes and continuous effort to have a robust backup system.    Take advantage of Windows Server Hyper-V services.   Once you virtualize your server functions you can replicate to another server onsite and/or offsite.   The replication server can have a current copy of all of your server data, it can also have archiving capabilities so you can restore from months earlier.   You can transfer the functions over from your production server to the offsite server should the main site be inaccessible.

Complete Systems Design's backup systems consultants can provide multiple solutions to ensure your data safety. Our data archiving consultants can provide you with solutions that can assist you with supporting your company and meeting your legal and fiduciary responsibilities for regulatory compliance.  Our DRP consultants can help you with a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) plan that isn't just reactive but proactive so you can have a business continuity plan (BCP).  


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